is a french designer based in Belgium. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL. Her practice is based on empirical and empathic research and often results in creating tools, methods or experiences, rather than ready-made solutions. In her work, she uses hacks and subversion in an attempt to shift our relationship with technology.

She also wonders what design can do to challenge our beliefs & habits in a finite, ecologically threatened world. She prefers to work with open-source resources, re-purposed materials, energy-aware approaches and DIY techniques. Previous projects take the form of websites, objects, instruments, publications & installations among others. She works as a designer with LOW←TECH MAGAZINE. Previously, she collaborated with Écume Studio (Nov 2022) and Onomatopee (May 2021).


Also, she develops and designs websites on request, with an attention for their energy consumption. She is open for collaborations and job opportunities. CV (71KB)

Get in touch → via email at marie[at]verdeil(dot)net (PGP key supported), or follow updates in News or via instagram,, linkedin, mastodon, github.


This Tuesday, I was invited for a talk at the french radio Cause Commune FM in the Libre à Vous show to talk about the links between LOW←TECH MAGAZINE and F/LOSS. We discussed with Laurent Costy and Kylian Kemps from RésiLien. You can stream the podcast here.

This website is designed to minimize energy use, based on some of the principles outlined by Low-Tech Magazine’s article “How to Build a Low-Tech Website?”. All images are compressed: please get in touch to obtain licensed high quality copies.
It's a work in progress and will be be updated at irregular times. It is designed, developed and maintained by Marie Verdeil, using 11ty.
Reach out → marie(at)verdeil(dot)net if you would like your own website!