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Marie Verdeil (Bio)

Marie Verdeil (she/her) is a french designer based in the Netherlands. She recently graduated (cum laude) from the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL. Her practice is based on empirical and empathic research and often results in creating tools, methods or experiences, rather than ready-made solutions. In her work, she uses hacks and subversion in attempt to shift our relationship with Technology. She also wonders what design can do to challenge our beliefs & habits in a finite, ecologically threatened world. She prefers to work with open-source resources, repurposed materials, energy-aware approaches and DIY techniques. Previous projects take the form of websites, objects, instruments, publications & installations among others. Recently, she collaborated with Low-Tech Magazine (Sept/Jan 2022) and Onomatopee (May 2021).



Signal Theremin Text Description (by Colin Keays) (103 words)

Our daily environments are filled with radio frequencies transmitting data wirelessly throughout the spaces we inhabit. These webs of electromagnetic waves are ever-expanding, bouncing off the objects in our homes and workplaces – yet they remain intangible. Exposing the hidden materiality of these frequencies, the ‘Signal Theremin’ is an electronic musical instrument that can be paired with any player’s phone, transmitting different sounds depending on the strength of the signal, and if certain objects are put between the paired device and the instrument. By making Wi-Fi signals tangible, the Signal Theremin helps us to understand the invisible infrastructures of our digital world.

Signal Theremin: 1 Sentence (37 words)

The Signal Theremin is an electronic instrument allowing any player to hear the Wi-Fi signal emitted by its phone. By making Wi-Fi waves tangible, it helps us to understand the invisible infrastructures of our digital networks.

Signal Theremin: Simple Version (Graduation book for Non-designers) (99 words)

Did you ever dream that of seeing the electromagnetic waves that connect your wireless devices? Well, I didn’t manage but at least you can hear them! The Signal Theremin is a playful electronic instrument emitting sounds based on the Wi-Fi signal coming out of any player’s phone. Players can influence the sound by creating obstacles for the waves to bounce off or moving away from the instrument. By inviting us to play with the Wi-Fi waves, the Signal Theremin helps us understand the materiality of these invisible frequencies, which play a huge role in our digitalised world.

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